Escape Dead Island review/opinion video

My previous game from my #gamingchallenge was Dead island Spin-off game called Escape Dead Island.

 Here is my quick opinion and short review for this game.



Everyone loves TOP-list’s. Here is mine.

It seems that everyone loves TOP lists ? Do you. ?

Here is my TOP-15 games that I have played as my #gamingchallenge in January and February 2016.

I will add more games to my list as I play them. We’ll see what are my best and worst games that i play in December 2016.

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This time i will review a game 15 from my #gamingchallenge 2016. Challenge to play 99 unplayed games on a year 2016.

Star Trek game from 2013 and it’s based on rebooted Star Trek movies and it’s story is set on between Star Trek and Star Trek: Into darkness.

This time crew of enterprise is fighting against lizard race called Gorn.

Here is my Youtube review for this game. Also check hilarious commercial where William Shatner will fight again with Gorn.

2 games combo from my gaming challenge Hyperfighters and Litil Divil

Games 12 and 13 from my list.
Hyperfighter and older DOS game Litil Divil on same video.
This is not review, but i still decide that i shall document both of these games as played as part of my #gamingchallenge

Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons review

My #gamingchallenge get ninth played game so far. Latest game that i have played is Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons.

Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons is made by Starbreeze studios and it is single played co-op game. This mean that you control two characters with one game pad simultaneous.

Control scheme might sounds like it is too complicated. Actually it is quite simple. You control another brother with your left thumb pad and  other with right one. These is also one action button for both.

Most of time this works fine, but sometimes at least i get little confused for what controls what. Good practice is keep another brother on ride side of screen and other on left side.

Most of the time, you have no hurry to anywhere. So you don’t die or fail in this game, because you have to be precise and quick in your actions.

It takes me about 2,5 hours to complete this game. It is short, yes. But games story and how you relate to these boys are this game essence and soul.

I will recommend this game.