Gaming challenge 2016: Mad Max and how he get his car back

sxHere is my thoughts and review of Mad Max game by Avalance studios, makers of Just cause series.

Max got his car stolen (again) by warboys led son of by Immortan Joe Scabrous Scrotus.

Max need to get his stolen car back from Gastown in this open world post-apocalyptic vehicular combat action adventure.

Mad Max game looks and sounds like a real movie. Hand-to-hand combat is spectacular looking and fighting is games strongpoint.

Driving, in other hand is not so good. Car handles OK, but fighting against other cars are sometimes a mess. Biggest trouble for me was when your car is beaten down and going to explore.

Chumbucket can fix you car if you stop before counters go to zero.
But when your car is going to be fixed is much of the time frustrating.

Mainly because other cars will try to drive you over and you must to try dodge them. Many times you will be hit by an car and then another.

I personally would cursed many times in these situations. Sometimes you enemies step out of the car and try to attack you. This is good time to kick them asses.

This was fifth game from my gaming challenge. You can read more about my challenge from my blog.



Gaming challenge: Return of 1997 gaming controversy, Carmageddon: Reincarnation.

Carmageddon game was gaming controversy from year 1997.
Game was also technically solid and fun game to play. Controversy of this game was centered to fact that you can hit pedestrians and you get some points by doing so.
You can win races in this game by running all laps, trashing other competitors or run over number x of pedestrians.

Carmageddon: Reincarnation 

New Carmageddoon: Reincarnation was success in Kickstarter with little over 600000$ invested and i was one of the backer in 2013.
Game was released on 05/2015, but it takes me this long to play it. Game has got some patch after releasing and game works technically right. 
Infamous loading times between races are still here (about 30 sec) But racing works fine and there is no stuttering there. Also soundtrack is very good and this save much when waiting race to load.
I didn’t get multiplayer to work but i think that this game is best played with good company and with good drinks. 
Game also contains LAN game.
carmageddon cover


Gaming challenge 2016: Little outdoor action with Heavy fire: Afghanistan

Heavy Fire: Afganistan is on-rail shooter from Mastif.

Outdoor action as read’s on game cover is little misleading, but it has some truth in it.

Game is part of the small genre called on-rail shooter. You only try to shoot your enemies, and sometimes do little QTE’s to hide from your enemy.

Game would be best played with light gun, but i don’t know if PC has any light guns. Gamepad is supported as you can play with up-to 4 player this game.
But at least it is too much sensitive and hard way to play. But game also works with traditional mouse+keyboard just fine.


Gaming challenge 2016: Finished Deadpool in his own game

Deadpool the game by High Moon Studios is game about Marvel’s anti-superhero Deadpool.

Deadpool often breks the 4th wall in comics as he know’s that he is comic book character.

Same goes in this video game. Here is my quick video and review/opinion for my 2nd game that i have played from beginning to end in my #gamingchallenge series.

It takes 9.5 hours to complete and game was fun to play about 3/4 of game.

More of that is found on this video.

Do you have multiple unplayed games. Tell about it on comments below.

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Gaming challenge 2016: Eaten alive in Jurassic park the game

Here is my first video where i have actually played first game from my gaming challenge list. 98 is still left.

First game on my list is Jurassic Park the game by Telltale and here is my quick impressions for this game.

Jurassic Park the game is by Telltale games when it was released on November 2011 and it’s story is set in same period of time than first Jurassic park movie.

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