YouTube channel ad is now renewed

It has been a while, when I have done my latest YouTube channel advertisement. Now it is the time to correct this.

I do Finnish language, but most of my videos are also subtitled in English. I do gaming reviews, let’s play and other gaming related material and Live Streaming to YouTube and my Twitch channel called GeneralTaggart

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Taste test: Easy Soda – New way of enjoying refreshing drinks

Taste test for Easy Soda carbonic cork with Cola taste. The idea for this “bottle cork’s” is what there is carbonic and flavor in the same package.

You only need this cork and empty soda, which has previous contains some carbonic drink. There is also a special bottle for it, but you can use regular soda bottles from stores.

It takes little space and it is easy to store and move around. There are 4 different flavors to pick from. Cola, Orange, Lemon and Vichy

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Where to get sponsored games to your YouTube channel ( tutorial)

Most of my gaming content is bought by me, but I occasionally receive sponsored games for my channel.

In this tutorial I will tell you about and what it is and how it works

Here is my YouTube playlist for content

First impression of PC wheel/pedals combo (THRUSTMASTER Ferrari 458 Italia Wheel PC /Xbox 360)

This is very first time, that I own racing wheel with pedals.

This is more of the first impressions about using wheel and pedals to play race/driving games

My first wheel/pedal is THRUSTMASTER Ferrari 458 Italia Wheel PC /Xbox 360

Let’s play Far Space VR without VR classess

Far Space VR is designed to play with the HTC vive, Oculus rift or OSVR Virtual reality headsets. The game has also supported motion controllers.

It is nice to see that they also support regular display/mouse as way to play this game. It may also be played with Trinus VR or similar systems that support streaming to Android phones.

Check out game on Steam page and buy it ?